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She returned home one night to find the lights on and music playing. When she called, she was even more startled when Oliver answered her from the kitchen. She peeked her head around the corner, finding him stirring pots on the stove and her brow furrowed in confusion. He explained that he wanted to thank her for all of her hard work with Slade, but there was something else in his glance that made her wonder if there was something else. Either way, Felicity was going to get to the bottom of it.

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Another canon moment you probably dont know about

- takes place during the quake as Oliver realize Laurel is at CNRI at he´s making his way through the city to rescue her

- this one isnt strictly Olicity moment but is immensely important nonetheless

- Oliver witnesses a mugging and he needs to make a choice to safe innocent woman or keep going after Laurel, while his first decision is to leave the woman behind he eventually turns the bike around and comes back to safe her. “I made a choice.

- and that brings me to 2x07 “There was no choice to make.

- Ergo -> even during the undertaking, Laurel wasnt Olivers number one priority

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